Lilliput of Rutherglen



Our low input organic viticulture philosophy and ‘laissez–faire’ winemaking approach is central to our style of wine; natural balance, optimal flavours and longevity. We aim to make our wines as natural as possible, to ensure this the wines are made with any additions containing animal products, and are thus suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Grapes grown from our vineyards are handmade into wine. The grapes are destemmed prior to fermentation and fermented in open fermenters; hand plunged to keep the skins more in the fermenting wine, to allow maximum extraction of colour and flavours from the skins. As the quality of the final wine is our greatest goal, we ensure vegan principles are followed throughout the process, with no animal derived agents used.

After gentle basket pressing, the wine is stored and matured in oak barrels for 18 to 24 months. Minimum intervention and maximum attention is used in the winemaking process. The only addition to the wine is a small quantity of SO2 to protect the wine from oxidation. As our wines are not filtered, some deposits made occur in the bottle, this is a natural product from the wine as it ages in the bottle.

The cellaring potential of our wines is five to ten years, in the correct conditions.


The cellar door area is an integral part of our winery, as it is used to store the barrels filled with the maturing wine.

To try to keep this area at a constant temperature, we have built walls from blue stone on the outside and insulation with sandwich panels on the inside. The roof is insulated with the same sandwich panels and we have put an additional roof of corrugated iron sheets on top of the original roof.

The tasting room has a charming rustic atmosphere, and wine tastings are complementary.